Portrait of Frank Chimero

I’m Frank Chimero (key-meh-roh), a multi-disciplinary designer, accidental writer, and lapsed illustrator. I’m the design director at Habitat, where we are rethinking tools for creative collaboration. Before that, I ran my own studio for a decade, designing and illustrating publications, websites, and apps for clients.

Print Magazine recognized me as a New Visual Artist in 2011. The next year, the Art Directors Club selected my body of work for their Young Guns competition. Neato.

In 2012, I wrote The Shape of Design, the little, philosophical handbook that I wish I had at the start of my career. You can pick up a paperback copy or read it online.

One of life’s great pleasures comes from making modest things consistently well. If you do this with care, curiousity, and feeling, we’d probably get along.

You can catch me on Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify, or send an email.


The New York Times, Nike, Wired, Time Magazine, Chronicle Books, Microsoft, NPR, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Facebook, Starbucks, and many others…

Speaking Engagements

AIGA National, AIGA Regional (Hawaii, Minnesota, San Diego, and others), Build Conference (N. Ireland), Cusp Conference, dConstruct (United Kingdom), Do Lectures (Wales), Design Speaks, DesignThinkers (Canada), Etsy, Harvard University, Interlink (Canada), Kerning Conference (Italy), MailChimp, New Adventures (England), Portable Presents (Australia), School of Visual Arts, Shopify (Canada), SXSW, Webstock (New Zealand)

Selected Interviews

Print Magazine (2015), The Great Discontent (2013), Happy Monday (2013), FontShop (2012), GrainEdit (2009)

Animated portrait by Tom DesLongchamp