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The Gist

Hi, my name’s Frank Chimero (key-mare-oh). I run my own design studio collaborating with companies big and small doing branding/identity, publication, and digital design. I also have my own self-initiated projects from time to time. I’ve made this temporary page with fresh information until I can properly update my site. Keep reading for more lurid details.

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Work Availability

Open for new projects beginning September 2017. Take a peek at the Current Projects list below to see what kind of work I do.

Current Projects


The New York Times, Nike, NPR, NPR Music, Microsoft, Etsy, Facebook, Wired, Time Magazine, Chronicle Books, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Starbucks, among others.

My clients tend to be in media, technology, and cultural affairs. Often times I will plug into a larger organization’s in-house design or product team to collaborate, guide, and provoke.

Work Samples

Please contact Frank for work samples or visit the old site to see some projects. New site coming soon.

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Keystone Design Essays

A few of my essays have made their way into the canon of important texts for the digital design community. Neat!

About the Studio

I’ve been running my own solo design studio for over 15 years, making nimble and distinctive work across a wide range of areas: books, magazines, websites, branding, writing, and consulting. The studio has handled just about every kind of design brief with many kinds of clients, from Fortune 100 companies to bands that only played in basements. The work has won awards and press, but the greatest reward is producing design that cuts through the noise to enhance and clarify art, ideas, and brands worth attention and belief. It’s also really fun to draw pictures and look at fonts.

About Frank

I’m a designer who likes words, so I believe in the unique opportunity of mixing images and words to communicate in new ways. A few other unexpected and pleasant things have happened while pursuing this.

In 2012 after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, I wrote and self-published The Shape of Design, a little, philosophical handbook about making things for other people. It’s the book I wish I had at the start of my design career. Shape is used in design classrooms around the world, but its message has found a home in all kinds of creative disciplines. It’s not just for designers: dancers, woodworkers, and chefs all enjoy it.

I co-founded Abstract in 2015 with Josh Brewer and Kevin Smith. Abstract is a software company focused on making design teams’ processes more visible and managable through version control technology. After helping guide the company to the product’s beta release, I returned to my design studio at the start of 2017.

Print Magazine recognized me as a New Visual Artist in 2011. The next year, the Art Directors Club selected my body of work for their Young Guns award. I am still waiting for my first Kids’ Choice Award.